Regional Management

RMC is a state educational institution, which has been successfully working in the system of business education for over twenty years.


The history of RMC goes back to 1981 when a special retraining faculty has been founded as an affiliation of Perm Polytechnic Institute to train the specialists for industry management. This event went along with deep reforms in the whole retraining system. The newly founded centre soon becomes an active participant of the all-Russia corporation "United personnel of Russia", establishes direct links with a series of foreign universities and business schools, explores new opportunities, sets up new specialities.


In January 1990 the original special faculty was transformed into Regional Inter-Industries Centre for Retraining the Specialists. Anatoly V. Molodtchik, Doctor of Economy, Professor is the first Director of the Centre since its foundation.


In 1997 RMC becomes a corporate member of Russian Organisation of Business Education (ROBE), the move that facilitates the new foreign contacts.


RMC today is a financially independent organisation, which enjoys the privilege of a state licensing system, accredited to provide continuous adult professional education. RMC assists with further education by offering a number of special programs in general management, economics, finance, business and marketing, accounting, law, personnel external relation, PR, and some others. On completion the courses the listeners are granted federal diplomas (certificates).



RMC is pursuing a collaborative policy to make mutually beneficial alliances with Perm State Technical University, other institutions and businesses of the Perm Region.


Organisation structure of the Centre comprises eight leading faculties for long - term training, eight (interfaculty) chairs, a number of divisions and departments for retraining the certified professionals. The total number of full-time employees makes 200 people.


RMC today provides educational activity in more than 60 programs like:


  • retraining courses on the basis of secondary professional and higher education;
  • updating courses for top managers and leading specialists from different industrial enterprises;
  • tailored training programs for certain organisations or businesses;
  • additional (extended) courses for schoolchildren.

We are confident that the core basis of the Centre's successful activity is a b body of enthusiastic academics, creative and friendly, united by common spirit of shared interests. It is a unique asset of the Centre which embraces highly qualified educators from the universities and academic institutions as well as the best professionals from different industrial companies and organisation if the city of Perm.


All of them are highly reputed scholars and experts with sound practical experience, 68% of the teaching staff have got the scientific degrees of a Candidate or a Doctorate; 48 teachers are employed at the Centre on a regular basis and more than 200 are invited lecturers or consultants. Our lecturers and consultants regularly attend updating courses both inside and outside the Russian Federation. All the findings thus acquired are implemented into new methods and techniques during the lectures, workshops, and seminars, training sessions.


The concept of teaching intercepted with parallel practical experience and research work contributes to the profile of any RMC lecturer. Besides there exists a regular system of listeners' assessment of all the teaching staff, rating out of "5", according to which an RMC lecturer should get at least 4.5 points.


This persistent customer-oriented policy allows the Centre to give apart from theoretical knowledge much practical information, develop the skills, which would broaden the listeners' professional profile and strive for promotion. RMC alumni are working today on major leading positions in regional businesses, companies, firms, plants. Gradually RMC has developed a supportive infrastructure to back up its business education approach, like Club of Personnel Directors, Alumni Association, Consulting Agency "Career Service". All through the time of its existence the Centre has been working to gain a stable popularity and expand the RMC image. Corporate clients from the city and the region, Perm Chamber of commerce, banks and taxation police organisations, private business are among the partners and the customers of RMC.


There has been created a solid material basis to execute the policy of the on-going business education at the Centre: three teaching buildings, six computer-equipped auditoriums all united into local network with an access to Internet, the Server. Variety of technical visual aids, such as OHP, on-line projectors, video, audio equipment, copying centre are always at hand to make the teaching process more effective. There is also a nice library and efficiently arranged reading hall to serve the needs of the students.


With teaching as a top priority RMC consistently "goes an extra mile" by developing the new technologies in the collaborative projects with Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, the USA.